Features of Programmatic Solutions

White Label

To realize media inventory management and production optimization, Mobchain provides fully customizable solutions through powerful white label technology.

Increase your media sales and choose your partners and trade terms.

Control your inventory and monitor its monetization .

Optimize your advertising space and maximize its profits.

White Label

Mobchain supports cross-channel CPC, CPM and CPI advertising campaigns on any device. Our inventories bought from local and global publishers are in first-class and we do help to control your budget and target audiences based on brand information.

White Label Ad

Developed for ambitious publishers, ad networks, and data providers, Mobchain White Label AD-X allows constant 100% control of the programmatic ecosystem for open RTB auctions, exclusive deals or programmatic direct.

With white label marketplace, your trading partner can be decided by yourself, your privacy also get safeguarded by avoiding open exchanges and keeping your margins hidden.

Features of Mobchain White Label SSP

Far beyond just as a supply platform, Mobchain White Label SSP is a fully integrated technology surrounded by a complete programmatic ecosystem. Selected advertisers, major advertising networks, DSPs and trading desks are balanced through our powerful advertising technology, which enables our publishers achieve a stable revenue stream from every possible opportunity. We offer independent access for our publishers to manage their display, video and native inventory and access to global fraternities and partners at a profitable price.

Uncover the Powerful Features of Mobchain White Label SSP

Quick customizable Platform
Access More Global Demand
Big Data Analytics and Reporting
Artificial Intelligence Algorithms
Real-time Bidding
Variety of Devices & Ad Formats

Features of White Label DSP

As a completely customizable media buying platform, MobChain White Label DSP tailored for brands, agencies, ad networks and resellers. Our DSP can build their product with latest RTB infrastructure provided instead building by themselves.

Mobchain White Label RTB platform continuously processes bid requests via Open RTB protocol and delivers ad tags in bid responses. Our programmatic multi-channel buying platform also guarantees clean, safe and engaging user experience.

White Label DSP Features

Customize with Ease
Achieve Better Outcomes
Tap into a Premier Marketplace

Advantages of Mobchain White Label Ad Exchange Solution

Mobchain White Label Ad Exchange provides a highly accurate advertising customization that allows organizations to configure their pro marketplace independently to achieve the highest returns. Without being trapped with the hidden margins by ad networks, third-party ad exchanges or intermediaries, now you can create an Ad Exchange with your own trading rules based on our White Label technology.

Offer your demand partners retargeting options and audience extensions and uncover the value of your consumer data. Mobchain’s first-party user database is also accessible for you, which aligning with exclusive supply partners in the ecosystem. With hundreds of advertisers, DSPs, Ad Networks, and Agency Trading Desks worldwide connected to Mobchian White Label Ad Exchange, now your business joins the game and achieves outstanding results through your independent management to your programmatic platform.

Explore Advantages of Mobchain White Label Ad Exchange Solution

Cost Effectiveness
Complete Control