Platform Features

Precise audience targeting with RTB

Benefit from our expertise to leverage all mobile RTB targeting capabilities. This form of targeting helps you reach users who demonstrated a qualified interest in particular topic and who therefore are more likely to engage with your brand.

Global premium ad inventory

Millions of premium apps across all major ad exchanges are at your service. Our global inventory partnerships provide pioneering ad fraud detection and the option to whitelist and blacklist your campaigns right from the platform.

AI-driven optimization

Our AI will do the hard work for you. It will collect user data and form an optimization pattern, delivering great results even on a small budget. Ads will then be shown to new online audiences with the highest probability of becoming customers, based on a wide range of variables such as geography, placement, user sessions, browser, device.

Demand Side Platform

Omni-channel DSP to fuel your brand performance marketing

Mobchain DSP is a self-serve advertising platform for media buying, tailored to the needs of advertisers, brands, agencies, and ad networks. Mobchain programmatic DSP provides campaign optimization and management complete with automated buying functionality in a unified RTB platform. Power up your brand performance across desktop, mobile, display, video and native advertising inventory.

The core features of Mobchain DSP

100% Brand
Precise audience

Supply-Side Platform

Optimized technology to maximize ad revenue

The Mobchain Supply Side Platform (SSP) provides a fast and effective experience for publishers to monetize their digital inventory. Mobchain SSP complies with the Open RTB standard and introduces cost-per-impression (CPM). This brings new prospects to the way of buying and selling digital inventory. Real-time bidding auctions are faster, more effective, and cost-effective in both aspects of programmatic advertising. App developers could be a part of the RTB ecosystem.

Mobchain SSP enables publishers monetize their digital inventory. They can also choose the ad format and size that are suitable for their viewers, manage their revenue by defining bid floors and send out ad inventory offers to a number of demand sources.

Why Publishers Choose Mobchain SSP

Increase Monetization
Access More Demand with Header Bidding
Gain Complete Control Over Your Inventory