Influential ad formats

All possible customed format and standard IAB ad format for each ad type are offered by the digital marketplace. The ad types include display,banner,native and video for mobile,in-app and other potential ad channel developing.
Connected TV

Safe environment for brands

Mobchain provides a safe and secure online advertising marketplace where traffic purity is guaranteed by design. Our proprietary in-house anti-fraud tools combined with Protected Media scanning ensure your trading environment secure and protect your campaigns and brand’s image. Besides, our end-to-end, full-stack environment eliminates the possibility of information disclosures and leakages since having integrations to multiple ad systems and vendors.

Lower cost with higher return

Mobchain’s digital marketplace is fundamentally different from others because it helps premium publishers and advertisers collaborate directly to avoid third-party commissions. With RTB algorithm, automatic and simple yield management and other advanced technology, demand and supply partners can achieve more with less investment.


Within Mobchain programmatic chain, your worries about the unfair fees or budget allocation can be relieved. With holistic and clear workflow management, Mobchain ad exchange offers all necessary insights over impressions, revenues, ad placement and fees across channels and platforms. In order to make the value of each impression transparent, the ad servers of our own full-stack ad exchange platform securely store all buyer-seller information may be needed.